Old Capitol Building


Construction of the old Capitol building was completed in 1892. It first served Thurston County as it’s Courthouse. In the early nineteen-hundreds it was purchased for use as the State Capitol Building. Olympia was centrally located for landholders to be able to visit the government as needed.

Chuckanut stone was quarried from Whatcom County Washington in order to build the Old Capitol Building. It has been remodeled several times but has been in continued use.  Guided tours are available by contacting the building manager.

The old Capitol building is just a short walk from the Washington state Government Campus and greenhouse. Also close by are several eateries and a Starbuck’s Espresso shop.

Always a possibility is that visitors can experience the music in the park across the street. For more than forty years Olympia residents have listened to Music in the Park on Wednesday evenings. During the past few years the Port of Olympia has also entertained audiences with concerts in the park. The park is a delightful place to enjoy some very nice music. Opportunities for entrepreneurs to access marketing experiences are also available by contacting 360-481-5010. 

If you’ve never been to Olympia Washington, I can assure you that you will never forget your first visit. The sky is the bluest blue and the grass is the greenest green you’ll ever see. So just indulge yourself make this one of your most memorable stops on your trip.

Don’t forget clam chowder is good on the east coast of this country. But you will never taste clam chowder in all its magnificence as it is served in western Washington. And the salty air of Puget Sound will always beckon you too return. 

Starting at the Old Capitol Building at  600 Washington St SE, Olympia, WA 98504, head South on Washington St SE, follow the map directions to reach United Roofing Solutions at 7615 Rainier Rd SE Olympia, WA 98513

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