Wind & Solar (Videos) !!!

United Roofing Solutions has many options for you the home owner to save tens of thousands of dollars in power costs.  Right now is a great time to look at alternative power solutions.  With the rising costs of energy why not take advantage of the government tax rebates.  You can equipe your home with this new technolgy for little or no money out of pocket! Take advantage of this now!

Diagram of how solar works:

Solar Terms:

• Alternating Current (AC) Electricity characterized by the back-and-forth flow of current, in the US at a frequency of 60 hertz. Electricity is commonly delivered to businesses and residences as alternating current.

• Clean Technology Renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies plus other technologies that make use of resources more environmentally benign and/or reduce carbon emissions.

• Combiner Part of a solar electricity system that brings the electrical currents generated by the system’s solar panels together into a single source of direct current electricity.

• Direct Current (DC) Electricity characterized by the unidirectional flow of current. This is the type of electricity that is supplied by batteries.

• Inverter Part of a solar electricity system that transforms direct current electricity into alternating current electricity.

• Kilowatt Hour (kWh) A measurement unit for electrical energy.

• Net Metering - An arrangement by which excess solar electricity produced by a customer’s facility is supplied to the electrical utility grid, causing the customer’s electric meter to spin backwards and generate credit to the customer’s electric utility account.

• Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Long-term agreements between an energy provider and a customer to purchase on-going power at rates with pre-determined annual increases.

• Photovoltaic (PV) Cell The basic component of solar technology that converts solar power directly into electricity. Literally, photovoltaic means “light-generated voltage.”

• Renewable Electricity Renewable electricity is electricity generated without use of fossil fuels.

• Solar Array A grouping of multiple solar panels.

• Solar Module A grouping of photovoltaic cells into the building block for solar panels.

• Solar Panel A grouping of solar modules that become the main element in a solar electricity system. Solar panels are installed on rooftops or other open spaces that get full sunlight.

• Solar Power Generation Solar power generation is electricity produced from the sun unlike typical electricity which uses fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are non-renewable electricity sources, meaning that as they are used, the Earth's supply depletes. Solar power generation is a process that harnesses the energy received from the sun and channels it into existing electrical grids.