What are some signs to look for to determine if my current roofing system needs to be replaced?

Any visible cracked, warped, or missing shingles are red flags. A leak, of course, is the most obvious sign that your roof needs to be looked at. Some things you may notice are attic leakage, blistering or peeling paint, interior decay, etc. Don’t just look for a drip coming from the ceiling. You might see discoloration of wallpaper, notice a damp smell, or notice dirty looking areas on your wall or ceiling. Another sign that your roof needs to be replaced is that your utility bills and energy costs are high.


Why should I look into hiring a professional? 

If you are installing a new roof, replacing an existing roof, or just looking into making repairs, you should consider using a professional. In addition to owning the proper equipment, United Roofing Solutions is experienced in working with a variety of roofing situations, such as steeply pitched roofs. As professionals, we also can make recommendations about which shingles will perform best on your home. We can assist you in deciding which colors will best complement your home. We are familiar with local and national building codes and will follow those guidelines carefully to avoid any problems with passing inspection of your new roof.

In addition, we are experienced in working with your insurance company when you are filing an insurance claim. As a result, we can help avoid delays with your roofing project. Regardless of which company you choose, make sure they are licensed, insured and bonded.

What is the structure of my roof?

Your roof is not only shingles; it is a complete system of integrated parts, which includes shingles, felt or shingle underlayment, ventilation, and insulation. An entire roofing system, if correctly installed, will protect the inside of your home for many years and may help cut down on energy costs.
Shingles are the visible part of the roof and need to look nice, but without considering the whole package, you could be looking at major roof or attic problems in the future if your roof is not properly installed.


Do I need to be home to obtain an estimate?

No. All the necessary measurements and inspections are obtained from outside the home. However, it can be beneficial to meet with the estimator so that you have an opportunity to discuss any problems or concerns that you may have. This allows you to let the estimator know the specific goals and ideas that you have for your roof, and it gives you a chance to ask questions. If you desire to be present when the estimator arrives, please let the United Roofing Solutions staff know when you call in for an appointment so that they can make a note of this.

Do I need to be home while the work is in progress?

No. As long as there is an outside electrical outlet that we can use if needed, United Roofing Solutions does not need access to the inside of your home. Some homeowners prefer to be home to watch the progress of the job. Many people prefer to leave the home once the hammering starts. This is completely an individual choice.

Will my landscaping and vegetation be protected?

United Roofing Solutions takes extra care to ensure that the perimeter of your home will be protected from roofing debris. As professional contractors, we remove all roofing debris, clean out the gutters, and do a thorough cleaning of the ground and landscaping. This includes the use of a magnet to pick up any nails that may have fallen to the ground. We clean up and remove all roofing debris from each job site.

What can I do to prevent winter leaks caused by ice dams and wind-driven rain?

You can install a product such as a Winterguard, manufactured, by CertainTeed. A Wintergaurd is a long-lasting, water resistant modified asphalt sheet applied under roof shingles during new construction or reproofing to protect your home against interior leaks.

What is a ridge-vent?

A ridge-vent is a patented weatherproof venting system that helps keep air moving through the attic, balancing the outdoor and indoor temperature. A roof that is poorly ventilated can result in damage such as a warped roof deck or cracked shingles

How can I check out a roofing contractor?

You can ask for a list of references, and you can make sure that they are members of reputable organizations. United Roofing Solutions  has references available upon request. You can check with local or national organizations to see if any complaints have been filed. We pride ourselves in giving you the best possible service from start to finish.